Terms and conditions contract with budwig center



The following terms and conditions apply to treatments in the clinic and to all other services rendered to patients (or accompanying persons) by the clinic.


Registration is legally binding once we have sent you a confirmation.

Registration must be cancelled in writing for the contract to be effectively annulled.

Persons accompanying a patient may stay in the apartment for the duration of the patient’s treatment at the clinic. There are no additional fees for staying in the apartment to accompany a patient. If persons accompanying a patient also wish to receive medical consultations, therapies or scans, the usual fees will be applied.

No reimbursement can be made for used or unused services included in a program. If there are certain therapies or treatments in your program that you cannot or do not wish to receive, you must inform the Budwig Center Administration before starting the treatment program. No claims can be made after leaving the clinic. All fees are final and non-reimbursable.


Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:

Patients can change or cancel their registration up to 14 days prior to their arrival date in writing only without incurring any costs.

After this, they will be charged the following cancellation fees:

  1. 13 to 7 days before arrival = 500 EUR
  2. from the 7th day before arrival = 1,000 EUR

Exceptional circumstances will be reviewed on case by case basis.

Patients who depart before the end of their stay or arrive late will be invoiced for the originally registered stay.

In case of non-compliance with the clinic rules, Budwig Center is entitled to terminate the treatment at the patient’s cost.


Our clinical programs include devices and remedies that are shipped to the address provided by the patient. We will refund the amounts corresponding to these only once the items have been returned and are in resalable condition. This means they must be unopened and still have at least 6 months before expiry date. Shipping fees will be paid by the patient.

No refunds are made for meals not taken.


The total fee for each program in our clinic is disclosed in the “Programs and Fees” or “Therapies and Fees” sections of our website. You are required to make a 50% down payment of the total fee in order to confirm and guarantee your registration. The balance must be paid no later than the 2nd day after you arrive at the clinic.

All services are invoiced according to the current list of services. Earlier rates and conditions are not applicable.

The contents of individual programs can only be changed before starting the program.

Patient will be invoiced directly according to specified program fees, even if the invoice is presented to an organization providing financial support or to a private insurance company for compensation.


Budwig Center will not accept any liability for lost valuables, in particular jewellery, documents or cash.


In a place like Budwig Center where the focus is on healing, health awareness and health recovery, consideration of others and a certain degree of order are essential for the success of each patient’s treatment. Since hygiene is closely related to health, we request that patients come to the clinic in a neat and clean state. Extreme neglect of personal hygiene could lead to refusal of treatment at the clinic or even the termination of your stay.

Budwig Center has a strict NO SMOKING policy throughout the clinic premises as well as in the apartments. Patients are responsible for ensuring that this ban is enforced in their apartment by third parties as well. If any patient or accompanying person violates this ban, the clinic is entitled to charge the patient an additional cleaning fee to the amount of 150 EUR.

For the benefit of all patients receiving treatment at Budwig Center, in case of repeated non-compliance with clinic rules and/or lack of respect for other patients, clinical personnel, as well as the absence of basic manners and decency, the Budwig Center Administration reserves the right to terminate your stay. Any resulting damages will be invoiced to you. Please read and review the Budwig Center Terms, Conditions and Clinic Rules carefully. By making your down payment and ensuing registration, we assume that you accept these terms. You will be asked to sign a corresponding agreement upon your arrival.