The Budwig Center professional cancer team

Budwig Center, professional cancer team

Naturopathic practitioner, doctors, vega test and GSR specialists, nurses, dietitians and oncologist. A complete team of professionals for your health

Mr. Lloyd Jenkins

Owner, Naturopathic practitioner

A native Canadian that has always been interested in taking care of his own health as well as being an entrepreneur. Lloyd met Dr. Johanna Budwig in the year 2000 and has travelled extensively and has addressed large audiences in Canada, South America and Spain. He has a PhD in Natural Health and majored in research on Cancer. As a Naturopath he has been trained in Natural medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck, Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Budwig therapies. Speaks English, French and Spanish.

Dr. Isabel Tavira

General practitioner

Medical Doctor with a holistic, integrative approach to all types of health issues. She has extended her studies to compliment her practice as an Acupuncturist and Homeopathic Doctor. This makes her capable of offering a broader orientation and more personalized solution during her consultations. Her work experience also includes 2 years in a private clinic that offers integrative medicine. A young Spanish national that understands English quite well.

Mr. Robin Jenkins

Vega therapist

A native Canadian that has lived most of his life in Spain. Speaks English, French, Spanish and Russian. Robin has a Master’s degree in Education and has extensive work experience in teaching and advising about healthy living habits. He performs the Vega test that gives a full body health checkup and recommendations.

Ms. Kathy Jenkins

Manager, Naturopathic practitioner

A native Canadian that has been brought up very conscious of healthy living habits. As a naturopath, has focused her studies and completed accredited courses in diet, nutrition, aromatherapy, massage and reflexology. Kathy also travelled and worked in Japan, Canada, South America and now Spain and speaks English, French, Spanish.

Mr. Manuel Alvarado

Assistant Manager

A native Peruvian that speaks Spanish, English, Russian and understands Polish. Answers enquiries and coordinates orders. Manuel has experience in customer service, organizing work systems and office administration.

Mrs. Julia Pustovit

Purchases and Shipping

A native Ukranian that speaks Russian, Ukranian, English and Spanish. Her work experience is mainly in schools. In charge of purchasing, shipping and coordinating the apartments.