how to use lemon juice and baking soda for fatigue and chronic illness?

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how to use lemon juice and baking soda for fatigue and chronic illness?


Health benefits of lemon juice with baking soda

A habit that is effective and somewhat easy to incorporate in your daily routine to combat disease and increase your energy is to consume lemon juice combined with baking soda. Even athletes are using baking soda to get more energy before their competitions.

Baking soda combined with lemon juice is a source of vitality and health.  A common condition many suffer without even knowing is “acidosis”, a state of excessive acidity. Our bodies are 70% water and it is vital to maintain a neutral pH (acid/alkaline) to prevent the presence of harmful microorganisms. When our body is too acidic, it is important warning sign that we should pay immediate attention to our diet and lifestyle.


At night, put 1 glass (250 ml) of water in a jar that can hold 1 litre, then add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and the juice of 1 lemon. Be sure to clean the skin of the lemon well beforehand. Then fill the rest of the jar with pure water and leave overnight.

For General Maintenance: In the morning, upon getting up drink 1 glass (250 ml) of the mixture from the jar and do this every morning.  This habit will help maintain your body in a healthy state as well as maintaining your energy levels.

For Chronic Illness: [Week 1] Drink 1 glass of the mixture from the jar as soon as you get up. [Week 2] Drink 2 glasses of the mixture and if you do not notice any side effects such as a rise in your blood pressure, edema, pain in the region of the kidneys or the liver you can go on to a higher doses during week 3. [Week 3] Drink 3 glasses of the mixture and if you feel fine and don’t notice any side effects go on to a higher dosage during week 4. [Week 4] drink 3 glasses in the morning and 1 glass before going to bed. Be sure that you haven’t eaten in at least 2 hours. Continue at this dosage until your health problems are solved at which point you would follow the Maintenance program.

At first it might be difficult to take 3 glasses (750 ml) one after another. Take your time and eventually it will be easier. Upon rising our body’s pH tends be quite acidic. This drink cleans the intestines and helps restaure our organism to a balanced pH throughout the day.Remember to always prepare the mixture the night before and let it sit overnight to consume it the next day. Within a few days you should notice an improvement in your health in general, an increase in energy and with time, the health issues will fade.

A normal, neutral pH in saliva is between 7.0 y 7.4 before dinking anything. Urine tends to be slightly more acidic in the morning due to the fact that your body has been working all night at cleansing. So if you check you pH of your urine first thing in the morning it is quite likely going to be between 6.0 y 7.0, but it will change drastically after a few days of consuming the mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. An ideal pH ideal in urine is between 7.0 y 7.2


  • Baking soda is considered harmful for pregnant women, mother’s that are breast-feeding,  and children that are under the age of 5 unless recommended by your physician.
  • Keep in mind that Baking soda is high in sodium so if you suffer from edemas, liver disease, kidney disease or high blood pressure, the recommendation would be to start with 1 glass of the  baking soda and lemon drink in the morning. Track your progress and health condition with medical supervision.
  • There is a possibility that you feel cramps in your stomach or increased thirst as a side-effect.
  • If you experience swelling in your feel, weakness, slow breathing or nausea consult a physician.
  • NEVER replace baking soda for baking poder, these are 2 completely different substances. The ingredients in baking powder can be harmful.
  • If you are on prescribed drugs it would be recommended that you consult your physician before starting on the baking soda and lemon mixture.
  • Ingesting the baking soda and lemon juice mixture is not a substitute for a healthy diet, regular exercise and appropriate rest. If you have a chronic or serious illness you should stay under the supervision of your physician.
  • Athletes should be informed by their trainers and physician in case this mixture would be considered a forbidden substance in their sport or country due to its energy enhancing properties.
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  1. sharon  July 9, 2017

    if you have no lemons can you lemon juice

    • kathy.bcenter  July 12, 2017

      Dear Sharon,

      Lemon juice should be pure, freshly squeezed and this would require to have lemons. Lemon concentrate would not be so efficient nor recommended.
      Kind regards,

      Kathy L. Jenkins

      Director of Budwig Center
      Certified Naturopath

  2. Nicholas Santoro  January 30, 2018

    Hi Kathy,

    Do you see any issues in substituting potassium bicarbonate for sodium bicarbonate? Seems to me the additional potassium would be more beneficial?



    • kathy.bcenter  March 5, 2018

      Dear Nicholas,

      Sodium bicarbonate is used in baths to help balance the pH. We do not recommend cancer patients take it orally.
      If you are suggesting to use Potassium Bicarbonate orally, that would be a possibility if the person needed more potassium and reacted well to it. As a rule, we test our patients with the Vega test and GSR scan to avoid unwanted side-effects.

      Kathy L. Jenkins

      Director of Budwig Center
      Certified Naturopath

  3. Jeannetta Hitt  March 22, 2018

    Could you use limes instead of lemons? I can not eat lemons.



    • kathy.bcenter  March 27, 2018

      Dear Jeannetta,

      Thank you for sending us this question. Try limes and see how you feel. Another option is organic apple cider vinegar. Dr. Budwig also encouraged taking sauerkraut juice in the morning.

      Kind regards,
      Kathy Jenkins


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