Health Tips: Red meat, cancer and Dr. Johanna Budwig

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Health Tips: Red meat, cancer and Dr. Johanna Budwig

Health Tips: Red meat, cancer and Dr. Johanna Budwig

“Dr. Johanna Budwig had already discovered quite some time ago the harmful effects of red meat, especially its risks in contributing to cancer. Now the WHO (World Health Organization) has just confirmed this fact, especially relating to cancer of the prostate, colon and pancreas. Now it is no longer a theory, it is a confirmed theory, with many studies backing it, that red meat belongs to Group 2A (probably carcinogenic humans)

An important factor when it comes to preventing cancer is one’s diet. Amongst the foods that Dr. Johanna Budwig recommended to eat little of is red meat. Read meat contributes to inflammation which is often a problem in most types of cancer. Also, animals store their toxins in their fat so animal fat is very toxic. Another factor to consider when choosing meat is the way the animal was raised. In the livestock industry now it is all to common that animals are fattened artificially with hormones and unnatural foods while also using anti-biotics regularly. All these factors effects the quality of the meat we are consuming. We should choose free-range meat, grass fed beef, game and organic chicken.

Other foods to avoid to prevent cancer, illnesses or when one is battling with a serious condition are refined oils and cereals, dairy products, seafood and especially refined sugars. For more information about the diet Dr. Johanna Budwig recommended you can download the Guide we offer online totally free in which you can learn more about healthy eating habits as well as other suggestions to help you care for your health.”

If you want more information about how the Johanna Budwig Protocol can help you, download our Budwig guide for free (coming soon), stay tuned to our website to obtain or send us your questions to

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