What Budwig Center oncological clinic do?

Whether you are coming to the BUDWIG CENTER for treatment or following our HOME distance program, we offer you guidance and protocols to help your body naturally return to a healthy state. The Budwig protocol addresses the 3 issues that contribute to Cancer and all other chronic illnesses in the body. These are:

  • Cancer virus and other harmful pathogens (microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites)
  • Toxins, (ie. Chemical toxins and emotional shock and/or stress)
  • Inadequate nutrition causing malfunction of major organs and a lack of oxygen in the cells

When the root cause of your cancer is treated, the results will not only be better than anticipated but also LONG-LASTING.

In Naturopathy we say: “Our mission is to treat the ill, not the illness”. That is why our patients have a personalized treatment. At the BUDWIG CENTER we know that what works for one patient will not necessarily work for another one, even with the same diagnosis. Each human body is a ‘world unto itself’.

The Vega testing device we use will give you a clear idea of what needs treating in your body now. Cancer has taken years to manifest in your body and so we have to reasonably expect that it will take a few months to recover your health. With regular Vega tests you can know what your body needs now you take only the precise natural, food-based remedies for the right amount of time so the body is not ‘overwhelmed’ with too many remedies and receive only the most effective remedies for you at this time.

Budwig Center, oncological clinic

Apparently there are now some six hundred (600) natural anti-cancer remedies being offered on the Internet. Therefore, it becomes a huge guessing game as to which of all these products will work personally for you.  With cancer we do not have time to play ‘guessing games’ which is why we use the Vega testing to know exactly what health conditions you have to resolve and which natural homeopathic/herbal remedy or therapy will be effective for you and the correct dosage.