Biography of Dr Johanna Budwig by Lloyd Jenkins PHD, ND Naturopathic of the Budwig Center


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I personally visited Dr. Johanna Budwig in her clinic/home in August 2000. Dr. Johanna Budwig was born 30 September 1908, died 19 May 2003. When I saw her in the year 2000 she would have been 91 or 92 years of age. Judging by her stamina and coherent manner I would have predicted that she would have easily reached the 100 years of age mark. Unfortunately she tripped and fell in her own home and never recovered from that accidental fall. I guess that proves the saying once again that “most accidents happen in the home or close to home”.

It was a tragic loss not just for Germany, but for the whole world. She was a genius and it is no wonder that she was a seven-time alternative Nobel Prize nominee. Her legend lives on as people overcome Degenerative Diseases, cancer and other serious illnesses using as basis of their treatment, the famous Budwig Muesli comprised of flaxseed oil and quark (cottage cheese).

I found her to be very alert and focused during our discussions. When she answered my questions she looked me straight in the eye and spoke in a clear and methodical manner. It was with deep interest as I listened to Dr. Johanna talk about her incredible health breakthrough of when she discovered the powerfully healing nature of essential fatty acids on all manner of degenerative diseases and cancer.

What struck me about Dr. Budwig was her outstanding conviction as she spoke to me about her successful protocol. She was solid as the “Rock of Gibraltar” in her position on how to treat cancer. No doubt after some 50 years of successfully helping over 2,400 people with degenerative diseases and other illnesses regain their health, she knew she was really on to something of monumental importance in the field of health. I brought a translator with me however, it was totally unnecessary as Dr. Budwig spoke very good English.

She told us numerous accounts of people from different parts of the world that came to her, some in a much weakened state and how she nursed them back to health by giving them the combination of flaxseed oil and quark, plus organic foods, exercise, fresh air and used the healing powers of the sun to cure these “hopeless” cases who sometimes started to show improvement within days.


Dr. Budwig Discovers The Dangers Of Hydrogenated Oils

Johanna Budwig, budwig center

Dr. Budwig told me how she found that patients with cancer typically had an odd greenish-yellow substance in their blood, instead of normal amounts of hemoglobin. She realized that this discovery undoubtedly explained why patients are so often weak and suffering from anemia. Dr. Budwig also discovered that in general, blood that comes from a healthy person contains far greater levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acids than blood samples taken from someone who is ill.

When she spoke of hydrogenated fats she was referring to the cooking oils sold in grocery stores. Most extract the oil from corn, sunflowers, plants, etc. by using extreme heat and chemicals. They are no longer alive, but dead oils that cause death to the user. They also are very tough (dead) oils in that they have a 20-year shelf life. These oils get into our cell membranes (where cholesterol should be) and destroy the electrical charge. Without the charge, our cells start to suffocate.

What is her background? Dr. Budwig was a qualified pharmacologist, chemist and physicist with a doctorate in physics who worked as the chief expert-consultant for drugs and fats at the former Bundesanstalt fur Fettforschung (Federal Institute for Fats Research).

Dr. Budwig was not only a researcher, but also a writer. I recall seeing numerous books and documents lining the bookshelves as she toured me, along with another doctor who came with me, Dr. Raymond Hilu and our translator. It seemed to me that in every room I walked into there were books and documents piled here and there. She authored numerous books as well as numerous scientific papers and treatises in which she published her findings on the critical importance of the right fatty acids and the deleterious effect of the wrong fats on human health.

Dr. Budwig Goes to Court

After having met Dr. Budwig I am not surprised that in her time she attacked the medical industry. She had a very strong and determined character, to say the least. In fact, when I first started my interview I spoke to her through my translator. At one point Dr. Budwig stood up and actually started hitting the translator (a woman) with her cane. I was a bit shocked. She told her that her translation was not accurate and to say nothing more. Dr. Budwig said, “I will explain my formula and methods directly to these two doctors, I do not need you to translate”.

She certainly did not suffer from any form of “fear of man” and immediately commanded respect from everyone around her. She attacked the medical industry for their approach. “It is not correct to regard the problem of tumours simply as a problem of too much growth and thereby to instigate all manners and means of growth inhibiting treatments” Said Dr. Budwig

She gave numerous conferences and of course The Central Committee for medical Research were not happy with many of her statements which finally lead to their taking court action against her.

In court, the judge, after having reviewed the evidence from both sides, pulled the medical research people aside and told them not to take on this woman. The court records quote the presiding judge: “Doctor Budwig’s documents and papers are conclusive. There would be a scandal in the scientific worlds because the public would certainly support Doctor Budwig.”

She believed her work was very important and was anxious to see it carried on, but no one seemed interested unless they could make a lot of money. I told Dr. Budwig that we were operating a natural alternative center in Southern Spain and we would like to “carry her flag” and continue teaching the Budwig protocol. She was very pleased to hear that and signed a document we drew up authorizing us, Dr. Raymond Hilu and Lloyd Jenkins to use her methodology in our program.

Dr. Hilu kept close contact with Dr. Budwig and expanded his knowledge of her research and shared that with me and now operates clinics in Spain using her program as well. In honour of Dr. Johanna Budwig I have decided to call our center the BUDWIG CENTER. She deserves the praise for her research and she wants the “world” to know of her discovery.

It is a humbling experience to be able to continue to help so many people in such great need to hear about this important discovery. Many others are also promoting the Budwig treatment. Bill Henderson is a well-known researcher and he includes excerpts of the Dr. Budwig flaxseed oil recipe in the plethora of remedies for cancer and degenerative diseases that he refers to. In addition to his Newsletters, he has written several books.


Johanna Budwig biography, budwig center, biography by Lloyd Jenkins

I am forever grateful that I was one of the few people that had the honour and privilege to personally visit Dr. Budwig and experience firsthand her conviction and strong determination to help people with her remarkable discovery. I am also humbled when I now realize that she willingly shared this information with me and my colleagues. I now feel it is my duty to join the others around the world that are promoting and defending the Dr. Budwig formula in overcoming cancer and some 50 other common illnesses.

I basically recommend to everyone that comes to our clinic to add the Budwig Muesli to their budwig anti cancer food plan. Cancer is NOT a death sentence; everyday people around the world are winning the fight with the Budwig protocol. Any degenerative disease is a formidable foe and it requires strict discipline and accurate knowledge of the Budwig protocol to win the battle.

If you would like to read more about Dr. Budwig’s life, work and formula you can get a free copy of the BUDWIG ANTI CANCER FOOD GUIDE by clicking on the image below.