The Dr. Budwig anti cancer food plan and balance diet

At the Budwig Center, we believe that knowledge is power and our approach will empower you to take care of your health by making wise food choices. We agree completely with Hippocrates’ statement: “Let thy food be thy medicine”

Dr. Johanna Budwig found that the closer we stick to the way nature intended us to eat and at the same time trying to avoid refined, processed foods the body can start healing itself.

We encourage you to consume organic whenever possible.  In fact brand new research shows that organic crops and foods contain up to 69 percent more antioxidants than conventional crops grown with pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Download our BUDWIG CANCER FOOF PLAN AND DIET GUIDE for FREE and you will find:

  • A detailed explanation of how to prepare the Budwig Flaxseed oil and Quark (cottage cheese) mix you should be taking daily
  • A list of foods to avoid and the reason for avoiding them (increases your willpower when you know why these foods are harmful)
  • A list of recommended foods
  • Explanations about food preparation and storage that is suitable
  • Additional information about the whole Dr. Budwig protocol

Many people send us emails thanking us for sharing so much information without any charge.  We do that because we want you and as many people possible to benefit from this life saving Dr. Budwig research and start making changes as soon as they can.

If you decide to come to the Budwig Center for treatment or to follow up after a Home Distance program you can contact us at any time if you have additional questions.   Please contact us by email ( or by telephone: +34 952 577 369


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